What if patching 20% of the vulnerabilities reduced 80% of the risk?

Skopos is the next generation of Vulnerability Management. Skopos helps your organisation identify the small set of vulnerabilities that cause the majority of the risk. This will enable your organisation to reduce the risk of a breach substantially, at low costs and high speed. Skopos uses real world attack data and machine learning to give a real world prediction of exploitation for each vulnerability, along with an explanation.

Skopos helps to answer these fundamental questions.

  • As CISO, where are the vulnerabilities in our organization and what level of risk are we exposed to?
  • As CTO, I require a prioritized list of vulnerabilities. This way we can patch where the risk is highest without disrupting the business
  • As SOC we want to know where the latest vulnerabilities affect us and what risk they pose


Skopos deploys light touch local agents to detect vulnerabilities. The Skopos engine gives a prediction for each based on real world risk. Finally, Skopos offers customized advice to mitigate the vulnerabilities. The Skopos bots continuously scrape the public, deep and darkweb for new vulnerabilities, exploits and zero-day hacks. This is linked to historical attack data.

Skopos is a tool that gives your team direct visibility on all vulnerabilities in the entire server network: on premise and in the Cloud.

Actionable insights

A basic dashboard summarizes all vulnerabilities and exposure over time based on real world risk:

Skopos Dashboard

Each vulnerability is accompanied by a short explanation on the risk scoring along with details on which servers are exposed to this risk. In the following screenshot Skopos shows detected a vulnerability (‘CVE-2014-6271’) on a server level the exact software (‘bash’) and version. The is the classic CVSS score (’10’) and the Skopos prediction of exploitation in the next 12 months (‘96.3%’).

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