Skopos platform

Skopos platform

The Skopos tool detects and indicates what 5% of vulnerabilities to patch in order to reduce the risk of exploitation the most. This is based on historical real world attacks; you will see how a few vulnerabilities explain the majority of the risk exposure. You will see the hidden tail risk in vulnerabilities; this means the vulnerabilities with a CVSS score of 3.0 can have a much higher real world risk compared to those with a 9.0.

Skopos has three core elements: provide insight in risk of vulnerabilities, predict where attacks are likely to happen and advice on how to mitigate:

A central dashboard captures the three features in one place. Insight in the amount, location and level of risk per vulnerability per server. A prediction and breakdown on which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited – based on historical attack data Finally, advice for high risk vulnerabilities on mitigation

The interface has been developed with users; is very intuitive and responsive. All the key risks visible in one glance. Next you have access to a historical overview of risks, vulnerabilities per server and risk spread. It can be at the CISO/CTO level of for separate divisions or segments. Key components are connected server(segments), risk exposure map, historical development of vulnerabilities and patches and activity of assets.

The asset overview shows all your connected assets, actual status and the amount of active vulnerabilities. This can be at an organizational, segment of division level.

The most detailed view is the asset or server view. This shows you at a detailed level all exposed software elements, their risk score and exploit-ability by attackers.

Client benefits

  • Easy integration with Skopos
  • We do all the heavy lifting of risk identification and alerting
  • The client’s Security team can demonstrate to the business exactly when and where a risk was identified along with a detailed description of the impact
  • The client’s Security team can demonstrate leadership to keep customers and clients safe
  • The client’s Security team can demonstrate rapid response and the effect of the mitigation, e.g. show what you have avoided for the business

Skopos is a SaaS B2B. We charge on a ‘per server per month’ basis depending the amount of servers connected.

The product is designed for any size of network and is a SaaS. Data can be stored at the region of your choosing. Client servers connect via secure API to the Skopos Risk engine. Data and processes will meet the your standards e.g. 2FA access, encryption of the data at rest, access controls for user access.

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