Privacy Policy

This statement explains which data we use and how we use is. It is really important to us to handle data very carefully. The short version is: we don’t give your data to other companies and only use it to provide you with the best service possible.Please let us know if you have any questions.

We are:

Skopos Security Lab B.V.
De Brinken 20
3901 KW Veenendaal
(+31) 085 2005 579

The personal identifiable data that we process are: Your name, company and contact data, IP-address, internetbrowser data, username, password, 2 factor authentication data. We use this data to handle finances (for example to send invoices), update you on our products and features and allow to to access our services and your data. Other data we process are data on assets, such as IP-addresses, software and software versions including meta data. We use this data to notify you on any vulnerabilities and risks we deduce on this data and to test, train and retrain our algorithms, and validate the working of our software.

We will not sell or give your data to other parties.

On our websites we’ll use open source software (Matomo) to validate the working of the website and how our visitors and users use it. We use this data to optimize the user experience of our websites. The data will be anonymized. If you enable Do-Not-Track options we will not store your data. The analytics software is hosted on our own servers, so no third party will have access to it.

We will take every reasonable step to protect your data form theft, data breaches, etc.

You have the right to see which of your data is stored by us. You have the right to correct this data and you have to right that your data will be deleted. If you want any of these actions, please contact us on

Skopos Security Labs B.V. van change this policy. Changes will be published on this website.

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