Skopos is the next generation of Vulnerability Management. We use new technologies and real world risk data to reduce your exposure to vulnerabilities – the smart way.

We help answer these fundamental questions.

As CISO, I want to know where the vulnerabilities in our organization are; I want to know the level of risk we are exposed to”

As CTO, I want to see a prioritized list of vulnerabilities that makes sense. This way we can patch where the risk is highest without disrupting the business unnecessary.

As security operations center we want to know where the latest CVEs affect us and what risk the pose

As operator, I have 500 vulnerability alerts, which ones are really important?

Existing solutions like network scanning, system probing and reading the vendor report are inadequate to answer these questions. These techniques are time consuming, costly and crisk system failure. Because of these inefficiencies, your organization is exposed to unnecessary risk and higher costs than needed.

Skopos technology

Scanning is out, Skopos is in. Skopos deploys local agents to detect, predict and mitigate vulnerabilities. Our bots are continuously scraping the public, deep and darkweb for new vulnerabilities, exploits and zero-day hacks that affect your organisation. Skopos is a tool that gives your team direct visibility on all vulnerabilities in the entire server network: on premise and in the Cloud. Skopos gives you the tools to demonstrate internally and externally the security of the network.

Actionable insights: what is our key risk and what can we do

A basic dashboard summarizes all the relevant data to act on.

Key feature: will this CVE be exploited?

Using superior CVE data along with past attacks allows us to make a prediction of the probability of a CVE being exploited in the next twelve months. This is the implementation of the EPSS model.

We offer a tool to install on your network. This tool links with the Skopos risk engine. We match your software with millions of software packages that are affected by vulnerabilities. We also match against exploits and likely zero-day exploits from the darkweb. Skopos gives you a risk score to understand exposure. The Skopos cyber security team gives your team a customised recommendation for each vulnerability with a medium or high risk score.

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🤔 Do we manage vulnerabilities or do vulnerabilities manage us?

"How just a few vulnerabilities explain the majority of the risk" - that is if you ditch CVSS and gather quality data - working on the Skopos whitepaper #CyberSecurity #vulnerabilities #infosec